Stefanie & Hubertus
September 2023


It was clear from the get-go that Stefanie & Hubertus had a very clear vision of what they wanted their wedding day to look like – bringing all of their loved ones from all over the world to a place so special to both of them. They chose to get married in the same church Stefanie was baptised at in South Tyrol, since part of her family has its origins there.

They started off their wedding celebrations with a relaxed get-together the night before the wedding at @ansitz_zinnenberg, with everyone showing up in traditional Viennese clothing. The following day could have been straight out of a fairytale. I knew right from the second I first talked to them that they had a very special bond with each other and their loved ones reflected that so much more. Spending the weekend with them was a wonderful experience for me, with @schloss_freudenstein posing as the perfect location once again.



location: @schloss_freudenstein

dress: @elfenkleid_official

aperitivo: @romantikhotelturm

hmua: @claudiabellomo_makeup + hairart_by_eli

dj: @dj_beestyle

catering: @schloss_freudenstein