Lisa & Marco
September 2022

SOUTH TYROL MEETS SICILY - two worlds come together

The story of how these two met might as well be straight out of a movie – they were brought together by a quote that they both believe in and knew pretty soon they were meant to stay together.

Lisa and Marco are some of the most kind-spirited people I have ever met and they simply blew me away that very first time I met them for their engagement shoot. Turns out, Lisa and I have a mutual friend and our paths probably would have crossed sooner rather than later.

The engagement shoot we did in February of 2022 gave me a little taste of how deep their love runs, how affectionate they are with each other and how happy they make each other. Their wedding in late September was magical from the very beginning. I don’t think I’ve ever cried as much in my entire career as when I watched Marco see his bride walk down the aisle.

Really they grew up on the literal opposite sides of the country – South Tyrol and Sicily. That was also one of the things that made their wedding so special, two cultures celebrating together, the best of both worlds.



video: Dan Romanti

dress: @loveislovesposi

flowers: @irmisart_handmadecreation

wedding bands:

wedding cake: Judith Miribung

location: @spaceshotel

music: Annika Borsetto + Tom Blaas

dj: Simon Moroder

wedding car: Lukas Maggiolino