Karolina & Otto
3rd September 2021


You know that saying, someone knows someone who knows someone? Well, that’s the summary of how these two lovebirds found me, more or less. A connection to one this year’s brides I will have the pleasure of working with is all it took.

They found this beautiful place by chance and decided to get married there. Just their best man, maid of honour, another friend to officiate and the first new member of the family, who was going to join them towards the end of the year.

All the way from Czech Republic they came to the wonderful town of Saló on Lake Garda to celebrate their bond and their love in a field of olive trees. Believe me when I tell you it couldn’t have been more perfect. What’s a different language if you can feel the true connection between two people, feel it as if you were touching it with your own hands? One more chance for me to appreciate the true privilege I have by doing what I love to do and being able to take part in moments like this and capture them forever.



photography: @lisavongrebmer.photography

venue: @hotelvillaarcadio