Evelyn & Michael
12th June 2021

TAKE ME HOME - wandering wedding

When their first inquiry email reached me, their story immediately captured me. Both from the same small town, Evelyn and Michael had soon ventured out into the world to travel, work and explore. Though they didn’t always set off to the same destination together it never took long for them to reunite as the strong union they are.

Their most recent destination happens to be Berlin yet they decided to celebrate their marriage in the homelands of Italy, in the very small town it all began. Surrounded by a circle of close friends and family the promised each other what they had already lived through many year – trust, loyalty and love.

Festivities were held at the spectacular Pinzonerkeller only an hour away, where more friends and family were able to join them. To honour those who couldn’t attend the civil ceremony, Evelyn and Michael made it a point to hold another free ceremony in the estate’s beautiful barn. This way everyone who attended the wedding also got to witness the promised they made to each other.



photography: @lisavongrebmer.photography

florals: @mg_decoration_by_maya_gruber

location: @pinzonerkeller

dress: @rembostyling

suit: @torrescerimonia

cake: @konditorei_pasticceria_karin

wedding bands: @juwelier.nayis

engagement ring: @77diamonds

lovers: @evelyngtw30 & M